Workshop "Smart Energy Cities and EU GCC Cooperation Opportunities"

Tuesday, July 31, 2018
University of Kingston, London, United Kingdom


EU GCC Clean Energy Technology Network is organising a 120’ workshop entitled "Smart Energy Cities and EU GCC Cooperation Opportunities" within the framework of the World Renewable Energy Congress (WREC) 2018 taking place in UK. The workshop is scheduled to take place on July 31st, 2018 at the University of Kingston – Penrhyn Road, Room PRJG2007 and will be chaired by Dr. Haris Doukas, Network’s Research Collaboration Specialist. The workshop is free to attend for all WREC- WREN participants.

Specifically, the workshop deals with Smart Energy Cities (SEC) which are expected to play a key role in the implementation of Europe 2020 Strategy, the European growth strategy for the current decade, and its flagship initiatives, as well as to address a number of challenges towards the European Union (EU) 2030 Framework for Climate and Energy. In the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, there are strong governmental programs for extended smart energy deployment, while a number of smart cities projects exist already and numerous new smart energy city initiatives are planned for the near future. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) systems that exploit Internet of Things (IoT) technologies can contribute significantly to energy saving, by motivating and supporting behavioural change of the buildings’ occupants. The workshop will analyse how ICT can be mostly used by energy / facility managers, Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) and specialists, who take decisions based on the information they get. Moreover, we will investigate how buildings’ occupants (energy end-users) can be included in a more efficient way in this process. Although buildings’ occupants seem to be gaining greater awareness of the value and need for sustainable energy practices, they do not behave in a more energy-conscious way. Respective frameworks, tools and systems will be introduced, which can support energy companies from EU and GCC to acquire and retain energy consumers, as well as improve consumers’ satisfaction through innovative reward programs.