Impressions from the Network presence at the WETEX/ Dubai Solar Show (DSS), October 23-25 2017, Dubai, UAE

Impressions from the Network presence at the WETEX/ Dubai Solar Show (DSS), October 23-25 2017, Dubai, UAE

October 30, 2017 - 17:34
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The participation of the Network at the Dubai Solar Show, part of WETEX was successfully and fruitfully ended. The pavilion, that the Network owned and in which EU and GCC companies were hosted, presenting their services and products, was one of the most visited and aroused the visitors' interest in the Network's activities. 
We had the pleasure to welcome H.E. Ambassador Patrizio Fondi and Dr Taina Sateri,Trade Counsellor of the Delegation of the European Union to the United Arab Emiratesand introduce them to the companies' representatives hosted at the Network's pavilion. 
The Network had a strong presence and contributed to a series of events organised within the framework of the Dubai Solar Show Seminar Week. 
Specifically, within the Tackling Climate Change: An EU Success Story session, an one hour presentation entitled "How Hydrogen Enables the Energy Transition: a European Perspective" was delivered by Frank Wouters, Network's Director while Dr Mustapha Toumi, Clean Energy Technology Expert presented on the "Overview of Regulatory Frameworks and Policies Necessary to Drive the Uptake of Renewables in the MENA Region". Dr Florian Klumpp, Network’s Industry Collaboration Coordinator, participated in the panel discussion "Current Challenges to Increasing Uptake in the Region and Solutions". 
The Network received an honorary gift for its contribution to the three-day event as a Knowledge Partner. We take this opportunity to thank the organisers for this fruitful collaboration and congratulate them for the excellent delivery of the three-day event. 




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