The first UAE GCC-Cigre - EU-GCC Clean Energy Technology Network event in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Tuesday, May 9, 2017
Abu Dhabi, UAE


The GCC-Cigre study committee “System Performance Development and Renewable Energy” in collaboration with the EU-GCC Clean Energy Technology Network are organizing the first UAE GCC-Cigre-EU-GCC Clean Energy Technology Network event to be held on 9 May 2017, in Abu Dhabi, UAE, at TRANSCO premises. The event is in line with the GCC-Cigre efforts to promote the research on the system performance development and effective utilization of renewable energy sources in GCC Countries.

Novel approaches and planning tools for developing energy management systems, dynamic reactive power planning for transmission systems and optimal planning of renewable energy integration in smart distribution networks, will be presented by world-class professors and Masdar Institute researchers. Dr. Haris Doukas, Network’s Research Collaboration Specialist will deliver the “From Data Analytics to Energy Management Action Plans: An Application for the Built Environment” technical presentation. More information on the agenda is available at the event’s webpage. 

During the event, distinguished experts and representatives from ADWEA, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, EU-GCC Clean Energy Technology Network and potential manufactures will exchange views on the potential ways to support and enhance the system performance with the smart grid concept and renewable energy integration.