Cross cutting topic: Climate Change


Climate Change is cross cutting as all the topics of the other 5 Working Areas will contribute to the addressing the threat posed by climate change.



According to the discussions held so far, areas for potential EU GCC cooperation activities are the following:

Economic diversification and climate change

-Sharing experiences between the EU and GCC.

-GCC progress in diversifying their economies while meeting their global climate change goals

-Progress with implementing and enhancing the Nationally Determined Contributions to the Paris Climate Agreement

-Green recovery measures that assist the covid-19 economic recovery

Financing of climate change action.

-Carbon pricing and carbon markets

-Role of green and sustainable finance

Private sector and climate change action.

-How to enable action from the private sector to address climate change

-Sharing lessons learnt between EU and GCC businesses on strategies and case studies that can enable

Vulnerability and adaptation of the energy sector to climate change.

-Sharing knowledge on key climate change vulnerabilities of power, utility, transmission networks and oil and gas and other forms of energy.

-Research and development to improve vulnerability and risk assessments.

-Best practices for adaptation of the energy sector to climate change.

Climate technology development.

-Development of circular carbon economy technologies

-Carbon capture storage and utilisation

-Decarbonising transport emissions – road, shipping and aviation

-Direct air capture technologies

-Biotechnology for carbon sequestration and energy production

Capacity development.

-Development of circular carbon economy technologies

-Best practices for capacity development on climate change

-Strengthening the role of the climate change research community to create policy relevant work

-Ways of ensuring best local climate change research underpins policy development and decisions


Tanzeed Alam

Climate Change Convener

For over 15 years Tanzeed has promoted positive change on climate change, energy and environmental conservation across three continents within government, industry, businesses and communities.

Alexandra Papadopoulou

Climate Change Convener

Alexandra Papadopoulou is a Chemical Engineer with a M.Sc in Energy Production and Management and a PhD on “Decision Support Systems promoting energy efficiency in the modern energy sector”.