Webinar: Industry 4.0 in Energy Systems - Part II: Artificial Intelligence for enhancing Energy Efficiency

Tuesday, April 21, 2020


Within the Industry 4.0 new paradigm, new powerful technologies are already being deployed towards smart factories revolution. The driving forces of Industry 4.0, namely Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques and especially Machine Learning (ML) ones, are continuously evolving, finding numerous applications in modern businesses and organizations.

These advancements will significantly impact the energy sector as well, transforming energy systems into smart ones. Electricity generation and delivery in a national and city level, energy business models, approaches and values are just some of the fields where Industry 4.0 is expected to provide life-changing solutions. Even though such smart applications are still in their early stages of implementation in the energy sector, the first results seem promising, revealing lots of opportunities and indicating that cutting-edge technology and algorithms can help us rapidly revolutionize the way we produce, transmit and consume energy. Many companies are investing in the development of intelligent solutions to accurately forecast energy demand and renewable energy production, optimally manage energy flows in smart grids, remotely monitor and control power systems, digitalize energy business models etc.

In this respect, this webinar aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and commercial experts with key stakeholders, such as utilities, energy providers & distributors, governmental and non-governmental organization. The parties will exchange their experiences and knowledge on all aspects of Industry 4.0 aspects in energy systems, present and discuss the most recent innovations, applications, trends, as well as concerns and practical challenges encountered. Moreover, during the webinar relevant EU and GCC policies, best practices and case studies will be highlighted while opportunities for EU GCC partnerships will be discussed.