WA5 - Carbon Capture and Storage (CCUS)

The Working Group consists of a number of selected qualified experts from the EU and the GCC regions with proven professional and/or research record in the specific field, thus capable of contributing and participating in collaboration activities including:

  • know-how and technology transfer,
  • policies discussion,
  • examination of state-of-the art technologies,
  • best practices discussion and promotion,
  • research collaboration,
  • dissemination and promotion of relevant demonstration projects,
  • and facilitation and promotion of relevant EU-GCC cooperation initiatives and projects.
Members of the Working Group will be able to follow closely the group activities that are launched. Indicative benefits include:
  • invitation for participation in thematic working events, network meetings, training seminars as well as web-meetings, and
  • personal account in the private experts collaboration Area within the Network web-platform.

According to the WG discussions and consultations held so far, areas for potential EU GCC cooperation activities are the following:

Advanced CO2 capture technologies.

Integrated approaches in natural gas treatment and hydrogen production facilities.

Other CO2 uses:

-CO2 for Enhanced Gas and Oil Recovery.

-Mineral Carbonation.

-Production of solar fuels and chemical energy storage.

-Pilot permanent storage.


Participating in existing - as well as establishing new - pilot and test plants and laboratory scale test equipment.

Identification of storage sites.

Step up research and innovation activities on the application of CCS and the commercial viability of carbon capture usage (CCU). Legislation.


Daniel Jansen

WA5 Convener

Daniel Jansen has an MSc degree in Chemical Engineering from the Technical University Eindhoven (The Netherlands). Since 1981 he is employed at the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN). Until 2013 he was manager of ECN’s programme "Clean Fossil Fuels/CO2 capture technology development.